Friday, January 16, 2009

The "Before"

Tucker's Soda Shop was opened in 1950, by Jack Tucker and his wife. The soda shop was a local hang out for mill workers and surrounding residents. Mr. Tucker would cash the mill worker's paychecks every week. There is an old iron safe in the back room that was once robbed for all the cash it contained. The robbers cut a hole in the roof, dropped through and with dynamite, blew the safe open. You can still see the burnt residue around the old latch. I'm researching the details - most of which come from old patrons who pop in to see what's happening to their hang out of days gone by. There are so many stories and fond memories.
Mommom standing on the front deck of Tucker's Soda Shop. This will be the first name and business change since 1950. The Small windowed area to her left, your right, was the old nook carhops used to get out of the weather and pick up their orders.
This is a shot of behind the old counter. There is lots of old caked on grease. Must insert 'vision' here.
Talking with the designers. All pictures have been removed from the walls and the holes patched. Yikes -ah!
Mom taking a break. It was super cold. No heat because the gas company hadn't been out yet.

Just a couple of pictures to give everyone an idea. I'll try and keep up with the progress. Thanks for all the prayers and good wishes!

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