Sunday, March 05, 2006


you wouldn't believe how many times i sit here and try to think of something to write. most of the time i attribute it to being exhausted or bored with nothing all that inspirational to pull from. i'm a workin' girl now. busy and normal. but that's all perspective isn't it? lets see. this past week. be patient while i recap. ok, monday. oh, by the way most of these will start at 6pm, being that's when life after work begins. i was broke on monday so i went home. tuesday. i was still broke, but i played darts and lost. actually won seven dollars, but it was an overall loss. wednesday. i went over to sara and jed's to meet franklin. he's a snuggly bundle of pure happiness. he's also the new puppy, not the new baby. that bundle hasn't arrived yet. thursday. i literally bribed a co-worker into going to have drinks with me after work. i had a most deserved and extremely well made dirty martini-3 olives. Ecstasy. friday was girls night. yep. it was as exciting as it sounds. we had dinner, and watched elizabethtown which i do not recommend unless you're having trouble sleeping. saturday. went to coffee way too early than a saturday morning should start. who would have guessed i have an internal alarm. sunday. got up and went to cvs. i love shopping for toiletries and stuff i don't reaaally need. $80 later, i went to the grocery store and bought the ingredients for a meal straight out of coronas, montereys or el jaliscos. it was badass. and that's it. whew. no wonder i'm so tired.