Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Daily Discoveries by ME!

Today I realized I may be a little too competative. In my head I'm racing against the girl in the cubicle beside me, but I can't even see her and have know idea what she's actually doing. I also may have a gambling addiction hidden inside. I also think I may have taken a really old vitamin this morning. Not because I feel any differently, but b/c my pee was flourescent green instead of the new neon yellow hue I had been producing. Guys like my shirt. The highlighter on my desk is the same color as my healthy vitamin pee. That would actually be a really cool new crayon name. (Vitamin Pee) I don't like green runt candies. I can't tell what flavor they are and that bothers me. Plus they're gross. I threw a half eaten hashbrown at some protestors today.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Elvis was spotted today leaving Las Vegas with Tornado Jed and Stinky the Badger. According to sketchy, but often correct sources, the trio was headed for the Canyons O' Grand. Awaiting their arrival was a peculiar being not familiar to any. Tornado and Stinky could be quoted saying, "He was a minister." However, the affirmation never came. Apparently, the two haven't seen a minister in quite some time and could not be positive as to their assumption. Fortunately for them, Elvis aka Dave, attested that in fact it was a minister and yes he was there to perform a miraculous bonding ceremony involving Stinky and the Tornado. Items were sent from the great state of South Carolina to adorn the bride herself on this special day. Amongst these items were a handkerchief (old), beautiful earings (new), and a garter (borrowed and blue). We will continue investigating into the awe inspiring events of Tuesday, October 25th.

Stay Tuned.
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