Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Vow.

I will keep your heart.
..because I want you..
I will seize your moments of doubt and fill them with praise.
..because you are important..
I will soften the blows and calm the skies.
..because your peace is my peace..
I will forget our mistakes and relish kindness.
..because swimming is better than sinking..
I will mend your clothes, bad dreams, and wounds.
I will love you and yours.
I will nourish our bodies and souls with the remedies I know.
..because pumpkin pancakes make everyone smile..
I will feed our minds and spirits with Word from above.
..because I know the plans He has for us..
I will cover you in prayer and angels until protection is yours.
..because, like hope, I believe in you..
I will help you find boldness in shadow and strength in dark days.
I will love you and yours.
I will squeeze you tight and whisper funny things.
I will fluff your pillow and iron out all the details.
I will remember your birthday and big days and bad days.
..I will mend you..
I will keep your heart so close to mine that one will not be distinguishable from the other.
..because I need you..