Friday, March 24, 2006

Too Legit

Who ever said life at the office couldn't be.....hmm, worth the drive. I've recently tripped over a new victim in my plot to rid the world of mundane misery. He's a cubicle dweller like myself. However, 'he' is the key word. He IS the only male processor in the building. Which, as one might assume, makes him the perfect target. I decided to give him a weird quirk. I then decided to share it with the office by posting signs on his cubicle, unbeknownst to him. Inadvertently, I made him the "IT" boy.
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am about to share with you how this all came about. Sitting at my desk, pen in hand, ear phones in, I heard an MC Hammer song. In my wandering mind, I perceived an MC Hammer groupie and what he/she might be like. I decided then and there that there must be someone out there that believes that MC Hammer was the greatest rapper of our time. This is where my perception took reality by its horns, scalped it, and wore it for the public to mock. I waited for the opportune time to tape a banner on this poor unsuspecting soul's cube wall announcing to all that MC Hammer was and will always be the greatest rapper ever known. And from now on, we were to refer to him by the nickname, Hammer.
As fortune took its all too accomplicing turn the banner was forgotten about and left up for the morning rush. As wanderers by took notice, the buzz in the office spread like cheap margarine on stale toast. High fives and "Hey Hammer's" could be heard coming from our new prom king's square kingdom. After the delight of discovering we were among greatness subsided it was time to invent again. This time I chose to make it interactive. I posted a sign-up sheet on Hammer's cubicle for an upcoming trivia night, dedicated to the one and only MC Hammer.
This is not over. Periodically I adorn his gray walls with MC Hammer for President, and Stop. Hammer Time posters. It never gets old if it evolves like Hammer's career. So for now its all up to our new IT boy who seems to be taking his newly found popularity and buttering everyone's toast. Lets face it, riding the coattails can be a wild ride.