Friday, January 20, 2006


For those of you who've been suffering Beast DTs, you ARE reading a genuine post by the beast written in the year of our Lord 2006....

Noly Poly.
-i love dirt
feed me.
-i like the pole
well, i mean things that dance on it.
-if i were a grown up
i'd buy a goat, cause they're better than lawn mowers i've heard.
-i like goats
i once saw a goat save a rather large baby from rabid racoons.
-it was awesome!
-my mom once said i was picked out of a crowd in an airport as a child to star in an upcoming
mini series about a boy and his dream of becoming the worlds' first baloon pilot.
-she said no
-but the mini series was AWESOME!
-i love hot air baloons
they're better than blimps.
-did you know i got my name from a hooker?
-but she wasn't a woman hooker.
-i think
-no. I know...that she owned a goat
i think thats the real reason i want one.
-plus they're much better than lawnmowers.