Thursday, January 29, 2009

How ya like me now?

The bathrooms were 60 years of paint and irregularity. After 4 hours of scraping and a special primer called 'Gripper' (bc it sticks to ANYTHING) we managed to create a blank and sorta crap free canvas.
I painted these bathrooms for 2 full days. "It's all in the preparation." says my dad - a perfect and painting perfectionist. I frown.
Cara. Not taking a break.

Paint on the walls.

A new floor!! No more poop and circumstance.

Finally, we see signs a new counter. Demolition is OVER. It's amazing what even a frame does for the mind's eye.

I love wood tones!! And I love how incredibly messy our work environment looks on film.

We have been cleaning, painting, building, painting, and scraping superflous crap off of things that have no reasonable explanation for the superflous crap they hide behind. What we see is a clean and functional envirmonment emerging. Emerging from beneath the CRAP!
Coming soon to a coffee house near you.