Sunday, January 11, 2009

Re-Post .....Ants Marching

I am reposting this blog as a dedication to my lovely little friend Marie-Lisette.

Original Post : October 18, 2005

I saw a big ant hill today that made me think about ant farms.
Thinking about ant farms made me remember when I was a kid and my sister and I had one. It was cool back then...I think.
Which reminded me of my sister's pets that seemed to die a lot.
Which reminded me of a little girl I used to babysit.
She had about 7 hamsters.
Not at the same time. They all unfortunately met untimely deaths.
The first one died of fright. Apparently they don't like being thrown in the air (go figure. but no one told the 6 yr old)
The second died of hamster cancer. I don't know.
The third was playing in the yard when it seized an opportunity to escape and disappeared forever under the fence.
The fourth died in a bathtub accident. She was bathing it and with fierce objections from me, a horrified onlooker, she swore it could hold its breath, does it all the time.
The fifth was eaten by a neighbors' dog during a most lovely tea party.
The sixth died during a school science project. I never got the full details.
Number seven never made it home. Something about a suicidal plunge out the window of a moving mini van.

Sette, you are my muse! <3


Country Girl said...

Deja vu. I was just on your blog this morning and read this very post. LOVED IT!
Wonder where that sadistic little girl is now . . .

La Feroce Bete said...

She's a freshman in college now and one of the most wonderful people you could ever know! :)