Saturday, January 24, 2009

Nerd is the Word

I like that nerds like critiquing things that no one else would think to critique. Like car horns and juice boxes.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Cup of Crazy

The walls were a hot mess. Nasty for one and old poly-something panels everywhere. The new wood tone makes me happy. We want the feel to be organic, warm, and inviting.

This is the corner where the bathrooms are located. It shows the contrast of colors. They change during the course of the day depending on the angle of the sun. Most of the painting is done and we're still somewhat sane. But that is certainly a matter of opinion.
We've bought some beautiful chairs to match our decor and will have some original artwork on the walls. Lighting is something we plan to have some fun with like the perfect accessory.
I'll have more photos soon. I'm at work without my computer and am limited to the photos I have downloaded.

And the winner is... ME!!

Many thanks to Two Dog Pond for her weekly contest.
I won last week's contest - name this necklace - and Two Dog Pond is sending me a free necklace.
Drop by and check her out! You'll love her art and can play to win.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Excuse me while I adjust my band-aid.

I'm at work and I have 8 minutes left on the clock. I'll be blowing by the other cube dwellers so fast their bobble heads will spin. I'm grabbing a six pack of corona light on my flight home and plan to jump into a hot shower to cleanse my scalp of corporate flakes.

We're putting the paint on the walls tomorrow at the cafe! I'll take pictures and share the love. Have a great evening everybody.

And if I don't stop by tomorrow, Happy Inaugural Day!


Life snuck up on me.

One minute I’m sitting in the sunshine across from my best friend on the back deck drinking a beer and doing a crossword (which by the way was almost everyday – so this isn’t a 'one time at band camp' sob story), and the next I’m driving past her work wondering how her weekend went and if she went out of town or not.

I’ll want to call her right then, but then think, “Well, she’s in work I’ll wait.” Then of course, life happens and I forget. And then by the time I remember it’s Cole’s bath time or bedtime or my bath time.

And then after a few days it gets harder to call because I feel so badly about not calling. It would be a lot easier if I could call her up and say ”Hey, I’ve got a half an hour let’s meet for coffee” but our schedules and responsibilities are so off course it’s mostly impossible.

She works during the week. I work during the week and weekends. She’s got Kaiser who’s on a completely different schedule than either of us and I’ve got my mom who doesn’t nap from one to three.

It’s driving me crazy. I want to talk and lounge around. I want Mexican. I want to play with the little man and watch VH1. I want to co-write crappy blogs and share my Ann Curry disdain with someone who understands. I want to watch Cops and dog Tom Cruise. I want to play Find the Fascist. Wow. Yep, I want to hide HITLER!

The awful feeling hits me at least twice a day. Maybe more often when I’m alone and less distracted. The sensation in my mind and heart is absence. After the initial assault realty reminds me that it isn’t going away anytime soon.

I think about her everyday and I’m not mad about the way things are, just sad. My feelings about her haven’t changed and I love her as much today as I always have. And I know she misses me too. That makes it a little less hurtful.

But it won’t be right until I’m able to balance my schedule better with hers. I’m ready to have some free weekends. I’m ready to call her up and meet her and the Bean for lunch; do whatever we want to do.

Grab a crossword, some sunshine, and my favorite company.