Saturday, January 14, 2012

Seven is Steven without the T.

Seven is complete. Seventh Heaven. Seven Dwarfs. Serven. Seeven. Sehhven. Sewwwwwww. I'll just consider my seven month slack - whole; therefore giving me divine excuse. I don't have much to binge. Eh.. not totally true. I say so much in my head. I spit and stutter. I stand for awkward minutes in the frozen food aisle trying to decide "healthy vs. spicy boneless chicken wings". If there aren't any judging glances I go with the TGIF appetizer special! If I am surrounded by evil I choose the escape shuffle to the wine aisle, select the best Malbec for a TGIF special, glance around the corner, and return to said aisle for Happ-i-Tizer pick-up!