Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Panic Stricken

The night of October 3rd, moving SLOWLY into October 4th. My curious dream was this.....

SETTING: a different country somewhere in Europe to be a nanny (i think). a very big and intricate house. extremely inconvenient. rooms were either monstrous with furniture strewn in such a disarray, or so small the furniture fit just exactly in all the way up to the doors themselves. stairs were all over the place...needed or not.
CHARACTERS: sara, aunt robin, the menace, random bitchy girls, and guests
PLOT: i was taking care of (actually just following around) this insubordinate child. a right evil terror. he was 5, maybe. the masters of the house were away. there were other girls there. sara was one of them. but she wasn't being very nice. (surprise)
i was in quite an anxious state just having to go through doors that made no sense into rooms that made less sense, and up and down stairs that went nowhere.

as i was rounding up the little pip squeek, i saw a train on wheels approaching the house around the circular drive. all it carried was party food. catered bonbons and triangle sandwiches. i asked someone in the house why they were here and if there was going to be a party. no one "knew".
my aunt robin appeared out of thin air and said to prepare the house for all the guests that will be arriving shortly. i asked her who the guests were and she said 'your sister cara, ashley, and the rest of the.....incoherent rambling, wawawa....
i went to find sara. she wouldn't tell me although it was obvious she knew. i was so irritated at all of this i could scream.
i tried to put the ankle biter to bed, but he hit me and then bit me. i slapped him across the face, which was a horror in itself. it left my bright red fingerprints on his cheek although i knew I hadn't hit him very hard. his bed was too big for his room and touched each wall. you couldn't even close the doors unless you were on the bed.
i took a shower at some point and when i went to dry off their were no towels. i had to wrap myself in a pair of pants and walk back across the house to my room. about seven rooms and six staircases later i arrive to find my room taken over by the new guest arrivals.
sara is around somewhere. when i find her she tells me she as no clue whats going on, but i shouldn't get so worked up about it.
this extremely retarded and frustrating dream lasted ALL NIGHT LONG!

*i only shared this so that you could be in as much pain as i


pan the man said...

Gah, I'm always the mean one. You know that kid was your vision of little Picard, running amuck and driving you mad. And the castle, of course, belongs to me and Sir John, who was recently knighted after saving the Queen from a dastardly attempt at assassination. And the party, well that was in honour of my birthday, which, by chance, is NOT also the little beast's birthday.

Strawbs said...

Hehehe...April 1st! Thwarted again!