Saturday, November 01, 2008

Three Thumbs Up.

I'm taking a breather and reading some friends' blogs when I get my 63rd call of the day. Call goes like this:

Me: (dead and monotoned with a hint of 'i care') "Repair, how can I help you?"
Gennie Williams: "Huh? Hell-ow? Uh, yeh. I uh need someone to help me. Uh. Hell-ow?"
Me: (small smirk appearing at corner of mouth) "I'm listening. How can I help you?"
Gennie Williams: "Uh, yeh. Thayw's this co-ward outside mye howas and it's poling on a bowad."
Me: (absolute silence)
Gennie Williams: "Uh, yeh. hell-ow? Uh yeh, so it's poling on a bowad on the side of my howas and I need someone to come owat and fix this fo me."
Me: "Ok."
Gennie Williams: "Nowa I have a doctor's ahpontment on Monday, so whahen do you thank someone will be owat to fix that?"
Me: ................dialtone.

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Anonymous said...

Wow. I don't know whether to be shocked or sad for this poor man/woman or whether to ask what kind of "repairs" you're supposed to offer? Confusion tis I.

Rebel Deb