Friday, January 20, 2006


For those of you who've been suffering Beast DTs, you ARE reading a genuine post by the beast written in the year of our Lord 2006....

Noly Poly.
-i love dirt
feed me.
-i like the pole
well, i mean things that dance on it.
-if i were a grown up
i'd buy a goat, cause they're better than lawn mowers i've heard.
-i like goats
i once saw a goat save a rather large baby from rabid racoons.
-it was awesome!
-my mom once said i was picked out of a crowd in an airport as a child to star in an upcoming
mini series about a boy and his dream of becoming the worlds' first baloon pilot.
-she said no
-but the mini series was AWESOME!
-i love hot air baloons
they're better than blimps.
-did you know i got my name from a hooker?
-but she wasn't a woman hooker.
-i think
-no. I know...that she owned a goat
i think thats the real reason i want one.
-plus they're much better than lawnmowers.


Alisha said...

Holy shit, it WAS you on preggo's blog! I thought maybe she knew another ferocious person, should've known there could only be one. So glad you're back, I have missed you and thte sunshine you inevitably spread. I hope things are OK with you, email or call me sometime if you get a free moment, thought about you over the holidays, you know. Hope all is well and bright friend!

Jen said...


Howard said...

Nice to see you're back and HUH...??

Anonymous said... more bong hits for you maaan.

biggie said...

Gosh. Finally.

And Alisha, call me! I sent you an email, freako.

Thank God the beast is back. The world was amiss.

Americano said...

I still think he has held one. And if he hasn't then he longs to.

beastaliscious said...

....just 'till the swelling went down

biggie said...

that's really gross. although i agree...if he hasn't held one, he's dreamt often of it. ew.