Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Daily Discoveries by ME!

Today I realized I may be a little too competative. In my head I'm racing against the girl in the cubicle beside me, but I can't even see her and have know idea what she's actually doing. I also may have a gambling addiction hidden inside. I also think I may have taken a really old vitamin this morning. Not because I feel any differently, but b/c my pee was flourescent green instead of the new neon yellow hue I had been producing. Guys like my shirt. The highlighter on my desk is the same color as my healthy vitamin pee. That would actually be a really cool new crayon name. (Vitamin Pee) I don't like green runt candies. I can't tell what flavor they are and that bothers me. Plus they're gross. I threw a half eaten hashbrown at some protestors today.

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